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welcome to the triopsie,

         the dark catacombs deep down in the underground of vienna...

so, as you found here, i know you went a long path looking

for something... other. something creepy and a little peculiar for the joy of your curious heart. where stories are told and creatures can be found, which you thought, only exists in mad minds... 

am i right?

welcome you darkling, here in the triopsie, the world full of oddities and  bizarre things, which i created for you!



maggot-belly homunkulus
{sleepy homunkulus|
{chaos homunkulus|


baby- triops
curious melange


bat dollcreature
devil in a frame
nightmares butterfly dollcreauter
aries dollcreature
devil dollcreature
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about me.

"i built myself a place of curiosity and charming oddness, dominated by chilled and dark colors- all made up by an unsatisfied desire, to find a place like this.  

then i found myself wondering, if there is anybody else out there, whoms heart enjoys this place as much as mine..."

my path of now almost twenty years, went through art school and assistances in the classy artworld.

among numerous stops, i had found the most important hints of my desire of creating worlds during working in theatre and on film projects. all the time i was desperatly looking for my place in life, where i can put in all my skills and studio experiences and furthermore an backing environment, what i found in my beloved new home vienna-

which is known as the most morbide city. 

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contact me


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contact me.

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